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Elsa (of Arrendelle)
Elsa Frozen
Vital statistics
Position Queen of Arrendelle / Unoccupied / Sister of Anna /
Age Young Adult
Status No love interest.
Physical attributes
Height 5'8.4"
Weight N/A

"Let it go, let it go! I am one with the wind and sky!" -Elsa

Elsa is the secondary protagonist and main anti-villain of Frozen, the queen of Arendelle, and older sister of Anna. She possesses powers of ice and snow, such as building ice structures and creating blizzards.  Her main goal is protecting Anna, even if it means she has to lock herself away from her.  She has blue eyes, light skin, and platinum blonde hair.  Throughout Frozen, she sings Let it Go (her signature song), and First Time in Forever (reprise).

Story Point of ViewEdit

Elsa, since childhood, had been separated from Anna due to an unfortunate incident with her powers. When the sisters were enjoying Elsa's snow one night, Elsa accidentally hit Anna in the head with ice while trying to save her from a fall. Anna was taken to trolls to heal her frozen head. Anna recovered, but was taken of her

A portion of the storybook explaining the scene. *SPOILERS*

memory of Elsa's ice powers, and was separated from her sister so nothing more could occur. Anna took offense as she thought Elsa did not care about her anymore. Elsa grew insecurity and emotional problems because of separation from her sister and people altogether.

When Elsa's parents died, she grew even lonelier and stressful. They went sailing overseas, and got caught in a storm. Elsa, from being so isolated her whole life, did not attend the funeral because she knew her powers would show for sure, as from the emotion of her parents' death.  She was scared to reveal her powers or to hurt anyone.

When coronation day came, Elsa knew she could not wear her gloves during the ceremony, and grew stressful because she knew revealing her powers would bring disaster. Anna, on the other hand, was excited to finally come out of the palace doors (as explained in First Time in Forever). At the party after the coronation, Anna met Hans, a prince from an outside kingdom. When Anna feels like their "connection" is "true love", she accepts his request of marrige. When they ask for Elsa's blessing, she declines saying "You don't marry someone you just met." She did, however, agree to speak with Anna if they could speak alone. When Anna strongly feels that Hans should be in their discussion, Elsa continues to decline and commands that the party be shut down. Anna breaks down emotionally and asks Elsa why she's been gone all this time, and rips Elsa's glove off her hand. Elsa asks for her glove back as Anna starts crying. Elsa runs away to run out the door, and loses her temper, yelling "ENOUGH!". Because of her glove being off, a huge structure of icicles strikes from Elsa's hand, and surrounds her, gaining everyone's attention. She runs out the door, and her powers break out, revealing to everyone outside of the castle as well. She freezes the pond and runs away, to isolate herself from everyone so she didn't hurt them. Anna attempts to follow her but could not walk on the ice.

Later, Elsa stumbles upon a mountain (at where she sings Let it Go) and lets her powers go free. At this point she builds a huge ice castle where she can live freely without the worry of hurting anyone. She transforms her appearance (lets her hair flow and changes her dress to a more "icy" look) and is finally happy.

Anna goes on the journey to look for her, and finds a trade post to get some warm clothes. Here, she buys a warmer outfit and meets Kristoff. When Anna realizes he could help her look for Elsa, she requests that he takes her. He accepts, and takes her with his sled pulled by Sven, his reindeer and companion.

When they finally arrive at Elsa's palace, Anna is amazed at Elsa's work (and her new appearance). As they talk, Olaf comes in. Elsa is surprised that Olaf is living (to which he responds comically "I think so?" after she asks if he's alive). When Anna asks Elsa to come back she ignores her and runs up the stairs. She continues to persuade her to go home, unsuccessfully.


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