Vital statistics
Position a member of the fire-starting side of V.F.D.
Age Dead
Status Married to Violet Baudelaire
Physical attributes
Height 6' 11"
Weight 10 lbs.

"Hi, I'm Olaf, I like putting children in cars on train tracks to kill them for their family money!" -Olaf

Count Olaf is a evil monster created by Anna and Elsa. They had lady sex. He is Anna's stepfather through the film and lies about helping her find Elsa. Olaf, while providing a series of unfortunate advents, he also eats feces. He was created by Anna and Elsa when they were kids. There must have been some feces in that old car tire they found, for when they placed it on Olaf's head, he ate more feces. He dreams of seeing Summer, and completely absent of the fact that she hates his intestinal system.  He sings about this dream in "I'll Kill The Both Of You".  He is played by Jim Carrey. Olaf represents the greed and grubbiness of the sisters.



Olaf begins his role in Frozen as a baby doll Anna and Elsa gave birth to as children.  He is not alive at this time, as Elsa speaks "for him", and says his main quote, "Hi, I'm Olaf, I like putting children in cars on train tracks to kill them for their family money!" Anna hugs him and replies "I love you Olaf!" Elsa makes him reply "I'LL EAT YOUR FACE IF YOU HUG ME ONE MORE TIME!!!!"

Olaf is an eccentric criminal and is known to have committed many crimes as a member of the fire-starting side of V.F.D., a Volunteer Fire Department that eventually branched into a massive secret organization, prior to the events of the first movie. Olaf is repeatedly described as extremely tall and thin and having a unibrow, a wheezy voice, gleaming eyes, and extremely poor hygiene. He is often distinguished by the tattoo of an eye on his left ankle, big tooth, and his carrot nose.

Following the death of the King and the Queen, Elsa and Anna are placed under his care, and he proves to be a horrible guardian, only interested in the fortune left behind by their parents. After Olaf loses his guardianship over the children, he begins a series of attempts to steal the fortune by wearing various disguises and murdering Marshmellow, The Troll King, Hans, and Sven, among scores of other related and unrelated victims, as well as attempting to murder Kristoff and countless others. While Elsa and Anna are always able to see through his disguises and intentions, the adults around them remain completely oblivious to the villain and fail to aid the children, forcing them to unmask Count Olaf and his various schemes numerous times throughout the film.

With the death of The Troll King, who is mistakenly identified as Olaf by The Daily Punctilio, the target of the police manhunt for Olaf shifts to the sisters, who are framed for the murder of The Troll King. Olaf uses his newfound immunity to burn down their castle and Elsa's ice castle without repercussions. When he and the sisters burn the castle down, however, they are forced to flee the authorities by escaping to sea, where they shipwreck on the island on the coastal shelf. In an attempt to take control of the island, Olaf threatens to release the airborne pathogens of the snow monsters on the colonists, but is harpooned by Bob. Olaf lives long enough to help Anna safely deliver her child, an event the sisters refer to as the "one good thing" in his life.

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